goldendoodle puppy excited playing with a ball v02
goldendoodle puppy excited playing with a ball v02

Doodle Dog Recommendations: Leia Loves

Hi! This is a page I thought we should start that shares what we think works for Leia or something she loves. Leia is SUPER picky and doesn’t like most dog treats or dog food. It’s honestly a huge pain, but if I can share what I think works well to help you on your doodle dog journey, then all the better! We love dogs, and the goal here is to build a home of information that helps you and your doodle!

Our first link is to Leia’s favorite pet boutique, Pableen! There is no better shop in Montreal, and they spoil my baby bear like no other.

Pet Boutiques

Pableen Pet Boutique – Montreal, QC (Canada)

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Dog Food: Mini Goldendoodle Favorites

(coming soon)

Doodle Dog: Pet Toys

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More Information

If you are looking for more information about how to spoil your doodle dog, then read about the best treats for Goldendoodles or the differences between Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles and how that might affect your family!

Please contact me if you have any questions about doodle dogs! If I do not know, I will try my best to find a suitable answer.

Also, send pictures of your doodles to all of our social media channels! The plan is to share pictures of our beloved furry community.