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Meet Leia the Goldendoodle: Official Taste-Tester

Meet Leia, the mini Goldendoodle with the critical role of “Official Taste-Tester” at DoodleNoms. With her keen sense of smell and love of food, Leia is the perfect candidate for the job.

Leia’s job as a taste-tester means that she gets to try out all the delicious homemade dog food recipes that DoodleNoms creates. Her favorite flavor? Turkey, of course! Leia’s love for turkey is well-known, and she’s always eager to try out any recipe that includes this tasty protein.

When she’s not busy testing out new recipes, Leia loves giving and receiving kisses, getting belly rubs, and snuggling up with her dad. Her soft, fluffy coat and big brown eyes make her an instant crowd favorite wherever she goes.

Despite her affectionate nature and love of snuggles, Leia is also a very smart and well-behaved pup. She has mastered all the basic commands and is always eager to learn new tricks. Her eagerness to learn and please her family makes her a valuable member of the DoodleNom team.

Leia takes her role as the “Official Taste-Tester” at DoodleNom very seriously. Her love of food, particularly turkey, makes her the perfect candidate for the job. DoodleNom is lucky to have Leia on its team, and she will continue to bring joy and laughter to all who meet her.

You can read about some of Leia’s favorite toys here. She is a picky eater, so I like to share anything that passes her inspection. One of her favorite brands of treats is Bocce’s Bakery which you can find here.